Internet Taking you a little too far away?

As Paul Miller quit internet for a year, he said, “One year ago I left the internet. I thought it was making me unproductive. I thought it lacked meaning. I thought it was corrupting my soul.”

Use the Internet, but don’t be used by the internet.

Internet, without any second thoughts now stands as one of the basic amenities. Ironical, how the so called social media can trick you into leading an unsocial life. It makes your world quite small, literally and figuratively. A technology so advanced, connects through continents while disconnects you from even your neighbours. It’s sad how social media can impact the way we look at relationships and start deriving pleasure from fickle concerns like the number of likes, reacts and upvotes on a post.

Not surprisingly, the oh so widespread Fear Of Missing Out, much popularly known as FOMO is sweeping out reality from our online pretentious lives. With updates of over a thousand friends in the pocket, but oblivious of vicinity. Words don’t make a difference, Actions do is what we fail to realise. Pinning hundreds of inspirations on Pinterest is no more than collecting ideas without executing them. As easy it is to come across inspirational stuff on social media, so are the ways for it to die down.

An unnatural state it is, all a farce to be connected to learn. Most things we learn or realize could be done with or without an internet connection. Staying offline for once a while can help in integrating focus. The odds of getting distracted are directly proportional to your susceptibility of being distracted. For instance, do you remember how many times do you start off searching some topic and wander away googling to a remotely dissimilar issue, most of the time usually.

Internet is compelling and repelling all at once. Requisite is a clear sense of belonging to the world beyond laptop and cell screens.


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