MYTHS about TEDx

We are all a little skeptical when it comes to spending money on conferences that may or may not change our lives forever. (TEDx does)

There a few myths that should have been busted…like yesterday:

1.  Just a series of talks and nothing more as a takeaway.

Point 1

You get to speak to the people who changed their lives, interact with people like you, only cooler. Apart from the awe-inspiring speakers, a ticket to TEDx brings with a lot more incentives and goodies; the most enticing being the mouthwatering buffet.

2.  The line up being paid, tickets burn the pocket.

Point 2

 TEDx is an experience of a lifetime, saving a meagre amount like 5-10 bucks everyday for a year can do for the ticket. The speakers are worth their weight in gold. They don’t need no money.

3. Only experts speak about their expertise.

Point 3

We don’t have an astrophysicist teach you about cosmic energy. They will tell you how beautiful a supernova is though.

4. Why pay when YouTube rescues. (2)

An 18 minute video on YouTube can’t stand against a day of experiences with incredible personalities. That is literally like watching national geographic when you could shake hands with the lion.

5. You only get nice photographs to brag (1)

We’re all fond of nice clicks, but how exciting when they become flashes of reminiscence; when photographs capture moment and photographing is not the moment.


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