Power of Introverts



Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking talks of how the introverts make an impact in their own special ways. Carefully crafted and not in a way that would present a feeling of contempt towards those who are extroverts.


It is said that an idea belongs to a person who can communicate it. In the light of  this, does it mean that the introverts have no credits for talents and abilities since ultimately it’s the extroverts who showcase and sell. Particularly because the world is just beginning to appreciate the calm and contemplative. The history only claims of the extroverts being dominating idealists and inferiorizing introverts.


Honestly, the most followed personality in the room is the one who can woo people with their charismatic conversation skills. All of us like to be in the vicinity of that one person, why because we feel important? And although probably he might not be the most intellectual individual in the house, he still grabs attention since he is devoid of any kind of reservations. What no one pays heed to is the fact that this peculiar dominance causes a great many potential heads to shy away with their ideas which could have made a difference if only someone would listen.


Introverts can’t be termed anti-social. Introverts and Extroverts are differently social. To be precise, introverts choose to dive and indulge into the deepest of riches of the mind. Cain’s book does a significant lot towards making the majority of readers realise how underestimated introverts are. What needs to be realised is the urge of changing your being is absolutely futile; coming across as a different identity does more harm. Sadly, now introverts are preached from childhood itself to behave like extroverts.


One of the most common misconceptions being introverts like being locked up in a room. Introversion doesn’t at all convey this. Moreover, introverts may be friendly at most times but also crave for solitude at others. Being quiet nowhere gives an indication if the person is good in oration; there are many introverts  who are pretty much comfortable with public speaking. They might not always want to fit in while the perks being they’d never be bored of spending time with themselves in isolation.
So, deception reaffirmed; not always what you see is what lies behind, the power rests with the introverts too, although a little difficult to find.


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