How do you explain some of the most unconventional successes in history? Of course, there must be a significant pattern which they follow and hence they are on the better side of the waters. Simon Sinek finds a way out as he conceptualizes the ‘Golden Circle’.




Simon’s golden circle provides a startling insight into how a characteristic part of the society can flawlessly inspire the other lot. The Golden Circle comprises of three degrees.


  1. WHY: The answer to this question is what gets you out of your bed every morning, your purpose of starting a business; the belief it stands on.
  2. HOW: The actions and policies a business undertakes to differentiate itself from it’s competitors.
  3. WHAT: Apparently, the easiest marketing idea when it comes to the part of seller.


Exploring deeper into these three domains, Simon discovered that the most successful businesses are the ones which convince the individuals with an idea of WHY rather than WHAT. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. When we’re selling from inside out, the rest two layers fall in place and this exactly is what hits the buyer’s nerve.


Imagining a world where people are fulfilled by the work they do, this strategy is the instrument of thought for emerging business models today. Looking at the herculeans we’re standing across today, it needs a lot more effort in modifying the manner we look at development of businesses. Identifying more and more with the buyers is new way of influencing the market. Basically if people relate with what you believe, they’re bound to get attracted to your reasoning and ideology. Through a relatable belief, you give an easy access to quite a lot potential buyers.


Interestingly, motivation and Inspiration can be regarded as a by-product of implanting your vision in the buyer’s frame of mind. And this is how the great and the successful induce action. Paying requisite heed to this philosophy while building a team and deciding upon the it’s structure can do wonders in influencing the ability of team members of thinking analytically and pondering over critical decisions. Surprisingly, this perception can prove to be an integral tool in increasing the productivity of a workforce. Naturally, it’s the HOW’s which lead you to dig down for the WHYs. Once, you realise your why, it penetrates the other two layers to ignite the spark. Now, all you gotta do is to keep the spark alive through carefully refining hows and whats.


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