Wake up, shake up and turn up.

Receive fancy ID cards that represent your interests so other people with similar interests can talk to you and find out more about you. Meet people you had the chance to get to know pre-hand, thanks to the well curated TEDx Community. After an ice-breaking session to interact with other people, discussing common interests and contrasting alike; head on into the Auditorium for an invigorating session by 3 speakers who would inspire and move you in less than 18 minutes each. Also, get the chance to view a TED talk that curtails to our theme in between the live talks.


After this is a break wherein you get to network with the speakers, maybe try to impress them into getting to work with them ;). This is your time to shine and have more to commune with the people who have interested and inspired you all this time. This will help connect the dots and discover ones you didn’t know could exist. You will also be delighted by a piece of entertainment presented to you by an artist from one of the many cultural platforms who would be called into BITS Hyderabad solely for you.


Three amazing talks will follow this interactive networking session. You will be swayed, in awe and amazed just in time for Lunch. Oh and the lunch! A sumptuous meal that will be catered especially for (not by the mess of course). You will get to continue your networking and have the opportunity to speak to more speakers and attendees.


Following this would be the remaining 3 talks which again would be in no way behind the other six in moving you and helping put things back in perspective. After the final talk, you would be given the well curated goodie bag with all sorts of things that would be both utilitarian and trendy.


We will then say goodbye on the terms of getting to see each other again and if our paths cross, have quite the topic(s) for sparking an intellectual and enjoyable conversation.


PS: You also have a surprise gift that you will receive at the very end!


For more insights visit www.tedxbitshyderbad.com



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