TEDx Community

The idea of developing a TEDx community is to improve the TEDx events by creating a better experience for the attendees by interaction with and in between them. The aim is to spark connection and peer learning, producing an even stronger and more vibrant community.
We, as hosts of TEDx BITS Hyderabad seek to develop a community of people:like-minded or otherwise to share experiences and thoughts in a judgement free environment. We hope to bring together ideas in a way that hasn’t been done before, by sparking interesting conversations and enabling intellectual debates.

In order to keep the excitement and interest at its peak we will have various events that would enhance the idea of a community. Some such events would be-

  • Having a readers’ meet where bibliophiles (who are fairly abundant on campus) could discuss certain books and literature in general
  • An open meet at the rocks where any person with any kind of passion/ talent would get a platform to perform without being judged or mocked
  • A tech discussion for all techies to deliberate over the latest genius ideas and implementations in the world of tech.
  • Have a discussion with seniors who have just lived through the days we are living and help us, estranged souls to realize what may lie ahead of us.

The TEDx BITS Hyderabad Community would be a hierarchy-free zone where all batch, club, department based differences would be negated.


For more info visit www.tedxbitshyderabad.com




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