The Community Meets

It is always nice to know people around ourselves, as we certainly wouldn’t know that the guy living across the corridor who almost have turned us deaf due to the loud rock music he plays at night might turn out to be a sci-fi bibliophile.

The executives of TEDxBITSHyderabad ’17 took the initiative of giving an open platform where people could come and share their views. We call it, “The Community Meet”. The odds in our favor as the turn out for the first community meet was huge. We witnessed a wide pool of thoughts. We wanted the introverts to open up and extroverts to channelise their voice. Like mindedness bloomed and there was a sense of comfort all around.

Everybody was at their own self and spoke without the fear of being judged. The main objective was to find out about the interests of the people around us, so that the ideas could be incorporated while deciding the speakers for the main event but we ended up making some precious memories too. After all, everybody has a story to tell, an idea to share or a will to socialize, it’s just that we hesitate to let it out.

The community meets are well curated. From tech to movie geeks, experiences to adventures, we have something in store for everyone. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself utterly intrigued by someone’s taste in music or even how they deal with compre stress, because this is the essence of community meets – Say anything without any restrictions, pour your heart out.

We aim at accepting people for what they are and maintaining a warm environment. At end, you’ll surely take away something with you. Stay tuned for such further meets, you won’t ever be disappointed.


TEDx Community

The idea of developing a TEDx community is to improve the TEDx events by creating a better experience for the attendees by interaction with and in between them. The aim is to spark connection and peer learning, producing an even stronger and more vibrant community.
We, as hosts of TEDx BITS Hyderabad seek to develop a community of people:like-minded or otherwise to share experiences and thoughts in a judgement free environment. We hope to bring together ideas in a way that hasn’t been done before, by sparking interesting conversations and enabling intellectual debates.

In order to keep the excitement and interest at its peak we will have various events that would enhance the idea of a community. Some such events would be-

  • Having a readers’ meet where bibliophiles (who are fairly abundant on campus) could discuss certain books and literature in general
  • An open meet at the rocks where any person with any kind of passion/ talent would get a platform to perform without being judged or mocked
  • A tech discussion for all techies to deliberate over the latest genius ideas and implementations in the world of tech.
  • Have a discussion with seniors who have just lived through the days we are living and help us, estranged souls to realize what may lie ahead of us.

The TEDx BITS Hyderabad Community would be a hierarchy-free zone where all batch, club, department based differences would be negated.


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The neurones in your brain, busy and buzzing, keeping up with everything happening to you, by you; mapping it all in your head, joining the dots between experiences and emotions, struggles and joys to make you who you really are.


Every moment of your life, a moment you have never lived before. Some moments just passing, pointlessly, never affecting who you become; some defining ones, with impulsive decisions, life-altering news. Each moment, mapped in time, as dots, a speck in the timeline of your sole life.


Every person you meet, affecting you in someway or the other. Every person a unique entity, teaching you more about life, about living. Every attachment, every feeling of love, hatred, awe, disgust towards anyone being pinned as dots of relations and emotions.


Every new book you read, broadening your mind. Teaching you things conventional and otherwise, gripping you with plot twists, intriguing you with information, shocking you with revelations. All things you learn, interconnected, as dots intertwined by a string, letting you know and grasp more from life.


Our life is defined by various things we feel and experience. The experiences in our life would only be individual, independent, random series of events, would we not connect them somehow to give meaning to them.


As Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”


All the moments we have lived would lead to who we become. We need to trust in the experiences and moments that have passed to make us who we aspire to be. We at TEDx BITS Hyderabad hope to connect just some of those dots that will help define who you will be. We hope to help you relate that passion you developed some day in your past and help you have an experience of meeting others with similar passions, relate the thoughts that run untamed with thought provoking speeches; so when you look back you realize that of all the times you formed dots, connecting them was the most important thing you did and we would love to provide the string.


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Wake up, shake up and turn up.

Receive fancy ID cards that represent your interests so other people with similar interests can talk to you and find out more about you. Meet people you had the chance to get to know pre-hand, thanks to the well curated TEDx Community. After an ice-breaking session to interact with other people, discussing common interests and contrasting alike; head on into the Auditorium for an invigorating session by 3 speakers who would inspire and move you in less than 18 minutes each. Also, get the chance to view a TED talk that curtails to our theme in between the live talks.


After this is a break wherein you get to network with the speakers, maybe try to impress them into getting to work with them ;). This is your time to shine and have more to commune with the people who have interested and inspired you all this time. This will help connect the dots and discover ones you didn’t know could exist. You will also be delighted by a piece of entertainment presented to you by an artist from one of the many cultural platforms who would be called into BITS Hyderabad solely for you.


Three amazing talks will follow this interactive networking session. You will be swayed, in awe and amazed just in time for Lunch. Oh and the lunch! A sumptuous meal that will be catered especially for (not by the mess of course). You will get to continue your networking and have the opportunity to speak to more speakers and attendees.


Following this would be the remaining 3 talks which again would be in no way behind the other six in moving you and helping put things back in perspective. After the final talk, you would be given the well curated goodie bag with all sorts of things that would be both utilitarian and trendy.


We will then say goodbye on the terms of getting to see each other again and if our paths cross, have quite the topic(s) for sparking an intellectual and enjoyable conversation.


PS: You also have a surprise gift that you will receive at the very end!


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MYTHS about TEDx

We are all a little skeptical when it comes to spending money on conferences that may or may not change our lives forever. (TEDx does)

There a few myths that should have been busted…like yesterday:

1.  Just a series of talks and nothing more as a takeaway.

Point 1

You get to speak to the people who changed their lives, interact with people like you, only cooler. Apart from the awe-inspiring speakers, a ticket to TEDx brings with a lot more incentives and goodies; the most enticing being the mouthwatering buffet.

2.  The line up being paid, tickets burn the pocket.

Point 2

 TEDx is an experience of a lifetime, saving a meagre amount like 5-10 bucks everyday for a year can do for the ticket. The speakers are worth their weight in gold. They don’t need no money.

3. Only experts speak about their expertise.

Point 3

We don’t have an astrophysicist teach you about cosmic energy. They will tell you how beautiful a supernova is though.

4. Why pay when YouTube rescues. (2)

An 18 minute video on YouTube can’t stand against a day of experiences with incredible personalities. That is literally like watching national geographic when you could shake hands with the lion.

5. You only get nice photographs to brag (1)

We’re all fond of nice clicks, but how exciting when they become flashes of reminiscence; when photographs capture moment and photographing is not the moment.


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How do you explain some of the most unconventional successes in history? Of course, there must be a significant pattern which they follow and hence they are on the better side of the waters. Simon Sinek finds a way out as he conceptualizes the ‘Golden Circle’.




Simon’s golden circle provides a startling insight into how a characteristic part of the society can flawlessly inspire the other lot. The Golden Circle comprises of three degrees.


  1. WHY: The answer to this question is what gets you out of your bed every morning, your purpose of starting a business; the belief it stands on.
  2. HOW: The actions and policies a business undertakes to differentiate itself from it’s competitors.
  3. WHAT: Apparently, the easiest marketing idea when it comes to the part of seller.


Exploring deeper into these three domains, Simon discovered that the most successful businesses are the ones which convince the individuals with an idea of WHY rather than WHAT. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. When we’re selling from inside out, the rest two layers fall in place and this exactly is what hits the buyer’s nerve.


Imagining a world where people are fulfilled by the work they do, this strategy is the instrument of thought for emerging business models today. Looking at the herculeans we’re standing across today, it needs a lot more effort in modifying the manner we look at development of businesses. Identifying more and more with the buyers is new way of influencing the market. Basically if people relate with what you believe, they’re bound to get attracted to your reasoning and ideology. Through a relatable belief, you give an easy access to quite a lot potential buyers.


Interestingly, motivation and Inspiration can be regarded as a by-product of implanting your vision in the buyer’s frame of mind. And this is how the great and the successful induce action. Paying requisite heed to this philosophy while building a team and deciding upon the it’s structure can do wonders in influencing the ability of team members of thinking analytically and pondering over critical decisions. Surprisingly, this perception can prove to be an integral tool in increasing the productivity of a workforce. Naturally, it’s the HOW’s which lead you to dig down for the WHYs. Once, you realise your why, it penetrates the other two layers to ignite the spark. Now, all you gotta do is to keep the spark alive through carefully refining hows and whats.


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Power of Introverts


Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking talks of how the introverts make an impact in their own special ways. Carefully crafted and not in a way that would present a feeling of contempt towards those who are extroverts.


It is said that an idea belongs to a person who can communicate it. In the light of  this, does it mean that the introverts have no credits for talents and abilities since ultimately it’s the extroverts who showcase and sell. Particularly because the world is just beginning to appreciate the calm and contemplative. The history only claims of the extroverts being dominating idealists and inferiorizing introverts.


Honestly, the most followed personality in the room is the one who can woo people with their charismatic conversation skills. All of us like to be in the vicinity of that one person, why because we feel important? And although probably he might not be the most intellectual individual in the house, he still grabs attention since he is devoid of any kind of reservations. What no one pays heed to is the fact that this peculiar dominance causes a great many potential heads to shy away with their ideas which could have made a difference if only someone would listen.


Introverts can’t be termed anti-social. Introverts and Extroverts are differently social. To be precise, introverts choose to dive and indulge into the deepest of riches of the mind. Cain’s book does a significant lot towards making the majority of readers realise how underestimated introverts are. What needs to be realised is the urge of changing your being is absolutely futile; coming across as a different identity does more harm. Sadly, now introverts are preached from childhood itself to behave like extroverts.


One of the most common misconceptions being introverts like being locked up in a room. Introversion doesn’t at all convey this. Moreover, introverts may be friendly at most times but also crave for solitude at others. Being quiet nowhere gives an indication if the person is good in oration; there are many introverts  who are pretty much comfortable with public speaking. They might not always want to fit in while the perks being they’d never be bored of spending time with themselves in isolation.
So, deception reaffirmed; not always what you see is what lies behind, the power rests with the introverts too, although a little difficult to find.


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